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Hi! My name is Lisa Andersen. My husband and I have owned and raised Vizslas for over 15 years along with our kids. We have developed our bloodlines and earned a reputation for quality puppies that are show quality, hunting excellence and handled from the time they are born. We own 3 adult females of our own who are a part of our family. And we want to keep it this way so we can offer the best of all worlds. I take photos for prospective buyers and I use video to make sure buyers know they are getting the puppy they desire.

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Hi! I am the REAL "Lisa Andersen" that you may have seen cheap ads for vizslas listed on various sites. Unlike my counterfeit, I actually have wonderful puppies and own the camera, property and photos that you may have seen elsewhere. I also want to talk with you on the phone, make sure you are comfortable buying over the internet and will assure with extra photos and videos of the puppy advertized. Our puppies come fully AKC registered, handled every day and are show quality with champion bloodline pedigrees. We only own 3 adult females and want to keep it that way so we can love on them all. On this very site there is a FAKE ad that uses my name and photos and wants you to send a down payment. The seller has taken my photos and put an email over the top of them telling you they will only talk to you through that email. BEWARE! Also, if you click on that site you may be sent to a facebook marketplace where the same information is given to you. Other breeders and breeds are being used the same way. We are a unique family with a love for Vizslas and a desire to make sure our buyers are completely satisfied. We take great pics and do whatever we can to ensure we provide the best. Because of that, our name is being used to lure naive buyers into. Please do your homework. We have contacted our local law enforcement and have been told that there is little we can do but inform our network.

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Allthingsnew's Breeding
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