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Von der Kreisen translated means from the circle. The circle is a symbol of completeness, unity, and perfection. It is exactly these qualities that Circle K9 and von der Kresien German Shepherds has implemented into its breeding program. Our dogs are selected from the highest quality working lines from Europe and are thoroughly tested and evaluated for temperament, structure, health, and conformation. Whether you are looking for a top police K9 or simply a German Shepherd to be with the family, von der Kreisen German Shepherds has the right dog for you.

Services Offered by Circle K9 - Von Der Kreisen

Circle K9 - Von Der Kreisen's Boarding

Circle K9 is a boarding facility which believes dogs are happiest with plenty of space, lots of exercise and close personal attention. At Circle K9, all of our dogs are only in their indoor-kennels at night, nap time and inclement weather. The majority of their day will be spent in their huge-outdoor run, playing, or enjoying our country atmosphere.

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Circle K9 - Von Der Kreisen's Breeding

This full import litter was whelped August 2, 2012. Born from Mery z Burounske Basty and Orin Leryka, this litter of nine pups will inherit many great characteristics from their European German Shepherd parents. Including their working line and Schutzhund abilities for bite and other working line commands. Sure to be great at police work and show work, these pups are not your average german shepherd and will be perfect for those who want to work them to the best of their attributes.

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Availability: Any Day of the Week
Circle K9 - Von Der Kreisen's Training

Quality dog training is the essential core of our business. Many conflicts occur between a dog and owner when messages are unclear and not properly understood. Understanding that all dogs learn differently, Circle K9 offers a variety of options to help not only educate the dog but also its owner. We also offer Specialty Training (Schutzhund, protection, narcotics, tracking, and competition obedience).

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Availability: Any Day of the Week



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