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Diamond Oaks Ranch breeding exceptional over-sized German Shepherds for 30 years. Combining the ultimate in breeding programs -- Gorgeous Conformation -- Superior Intilligence -- Extremely Loyal and Devoted -- Exceptional World Class Working Champion Imported lines all of this and size.

Services Offered by DIAMOND OAKS RANCH


EMAIL ---- DO.GS@MSN.COM -- WEBSITE - http://www.do-dog-boarding.com http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxWtYxiyXtN3P8oBMvUcSbw?feature=g-upl YOU CAN SEE MORE OF OUR RANCH AND THE DOGS WE CARE FOR ON THE VIDEOS WE HAVE ON YOUTUBE EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY DOG CARE FACILITY It is where we live -- Someone always here -- Just in case. OUTSTANDING CARE!!! with EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL RATES!!!  We offer extremely loving care for you beloved dogs for all kinds of dogs, all sizes, all breeds.  We accept non-spayed and not neutered dogs --- Large Breeds --- Medium Breeds -- Small Breeds  We have happily cared for dogs as small as 2 ½ pounds to over 180 pounds  We do successfully accomplish this because of the individual care we give every pet  The dogs in our care are individually exercised and loved so there is never any unwanted contact.  NO CHANCE OF ACCIDENTS HAPPENING --- EVEN THE BEST DOGS CAN HAVE A BAD MOMENT!!! Our on call Veterinarian DR. BOB HILDRETH with his MOBILE VETERINARY PRACTICE -- that lives within 10 minutes of our ranch and makes house calls and best of all he places dogs with us and recommends our services to his other clients Daily -- Overnight -- 24HR -- Long and Short Term Care WE WILL LOVE YOUR DOG FOR YOU FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED US TOO **** DISCOUNTS **** CALL FOR DISCOUNTS -- MULTIPLE DOG DISCOUNT *&* MILITARY DISCOUNT RATES FOR: Daycare - Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Quarterly - 6 Month Care Rates OVER 40 years ANIMAL CARE and HUSBANDRY Highly Experience -- Life Devoted to the Nurturing Animals -- Midwife for Thousands of Animals Births -- Trained Hundreds of Dogs and Horses -- Truly a life well spent Gorgeous 10 acres ranch - Nestled into the hills between Murrieta, Mission Viejo and San Diego only miles a few miles from the beach. Surrounded by beauty and nature. PERFECT PLACE for Your Pets while You are Away -- PLEASE COME AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF -- BRING YOUR PET FOR A VISIT Everything you could want for your beloved pet -- THE RANCH HAS SEVERAL BOARDING OPTIONS FOR YOUR DOGS STAY WITH US -- Great Boarding Rates -- YOUR CHOICE WITH AVAILABILITY FOR THE BEST FIT FOR YOUR DOG There are some that are much more expensive and there are a few that are less but we will give exceptional care for you without fail. DOG BOARDING OPTIONS $15 per day UNDER OAKS----Large Run Enclosures under the Trees (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 2 TIMES PER DAY) $21 per day BARN--------------Semi Private Room in Large Custom Barn (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 3 TIMES PER DAY) $20 per day BARN--------------Deluxe Large Runs in the Huge Breezeway of Barn (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 3 TIMES PER DAY) $22 per day PORCH------------Lovely Pens wrap around Porch (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 4 TIMES PER DAY) $22 per day GARAGE----------Nice Enclosures in Garage (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 4 TIMES PER DAY) $23 per day BARN ------------Indoor 6'x12' box stall & Outdoor 6'x24' run THIS IS 36'X6' AREA(DOGS OUT AT LEAST 3 TIMES PER DAY) $25 per day SUITE--------------Private Suites in House (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 5 TIMES PER DAY) $30 per day HOUSE------------Right in the house with us (Approved dogs only) (DOGS OUT AT LEAST 5TIMES PER DAY) **There are some that are much more expensive and there are a few that are less but we will give exceptional care for you without fail. Optional Extra Service Fees o $3 Dogs in outdoor kennels brought inside at night /day o $2 We provide Dry Food/day o $2 We provide Canned Food/day o $2 We provide Bedding/day o $2 Each Extra Walk o $2 Medication per Dose o $25 Bathing Dog/bath o $10 Brushing /time o $15 Pictures & Videos/section o 3% of Total--Credit Card Fee Accepting CREDIT CARDS & PAYPAL for your convenience BUT I HAVE TO PASS THE FEES I AM CHARGED o $10 Early Before 8:30 AM/Late Drop Off After 6:30 PM o Billing Day is from 12:00 noon to 12:00 noon --BILLING from NOON TO NOON means I DO NOT LOSE a day's board for a dog enclosure for LATE PICK UP OR EARLY DROP OFF SUPPLYING your own FOOD is BETTER for your DOG & KEEPS MY RATES DOWN VACCINATIONS o $15-Corona o $20-DHPP (D=Distemper//H=Hepititis//P=Parvo Influenza//P=Parvo Virus//C or CV=Corona Virus) o $15-Bordetella o $51-Rabies w/vet call o $5---Deworming o $10--Flea/Tick Control' o $45--Micro Chip Program Dog Shots Required  DHPP WITHIN Last 12 months  BORDETELLA WITHIN the Last 12 months  RABIES GIVEN at ONE YEAR is only GOOD for ONLY 1 YEAR  RABIES GIVEN After ONE YEAR is GOOD for 3 YEARS DAY OF DROP OFF LIST o BLANKET (better than bed) o FOOD (enough for full stay) o SHOT RECORD - Copy for Ranch to Keep o FULL PAYMENT AT DROP OFF GROOMING SERVICES START AS LOW AS $25.00 **From Puppies to Seniors, we welcome them all and promise to pamper them all Hand Wash ** Shampoo and Conditioning Puppy and Dog Training available --- Basic Obedience---ADVANCE TRAINING--- Problem Solving We have a Dog Trainer that can work miracles to the toughest of dogs as well as give a young dog the perfect beginning to learn manners *****Daily Hours -- 8:30 am to 6:30 pm OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK -- 365 DAYS A YEAR -- ALL HOLIDAYS *****BILLING DAY is from NOON 12:00 pm to NOON 12:00 pm THIS ALLOWS ME NOT TO LOSE A DAY BOARD FOR EACH ENCLOSURE HELPS ME KEEP DOG BOARDING RATES DOWN I TRY TO KEEP MY EXCELLENT SERVICE RATES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE I know most boarding dog care facilities CHARGE 2 TO 3 TIMES MORE THAN OURS MOST Boarding Facilities do not offer the large dog enclosures as well as the EXCELLENT Devoted CARE WE GIVE EVERY DOG We offer extremely loving - personal care for your beloved dogs. We will care for all kinds of dogs, all sizes, all breeds. We can do this because we never let the dogs together Providing very safe enclosures for the dogs while they are with us. We have a lot of experience with small dogs we have raised Toy and Teacup Poodles with I was growing up as well as I have had several Pomeranians and have cared for many many other small breeds And I have been raising the Oversized German Shepherds (150 pounds) for years I have trained large and small dogs. HANDLING HUNDREDS OF DOGS. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!!!! We welcome have you come visit the ranch and meet us to make sure you feel we are a good fit for you and your pet. Boarding Agreements PLEASE EMAIL ME I CAN SEND YOU A COPY OF THE AGREEMENT Dog care: dog retreat - home away from home -- given lots of love we have had regulars come from Palm Springs, San Diego, Orange County as well as Los Angeles If you get to have a great vacation in a beautiful place then why not have your loving pet have a vacation in a great country ranch There are some that are much more expensive and there are a few that are less but we will give exceptional care for you without fail. OUR FACILITY -- Where do I start to tell you about our Ranch? -With Ideal weather only miles from the beach so we have great coastal weather -Extremely nice in the summer about 10 degrees cooler than down in Murrieta or Riverside or Norco or Chino or Temecula or Perris or Canyon Lake or Lake Elsinore. -Our facilities are all custom, We designed in as animal people for our loving pets, built in 2001 on 10 beautiful rambling acres, dappled with gorgeous huge hundred year old oak trees, just outside the city -- next to over 10,000 acres of wildlife preserve as well as the Cleveland National Forest, with miles and miles of trails. A great place to just get away. -Nice play area for your dogs to enjoy their days with us. -Everything you could want for your beloved pet DOG BOARDING CARE OPTIONS -- 7 TO CHOOSE FROM o Large Run Enclosures under the Trees (Out 2 times a day) o Semi Private Room in Large Custom Barn (Out 3 times a day) o Deluxe Large Runs in Huge Barn Breezeway (Out 3 times a day) o Barn location has very nice exercise yard. o Lovely Wrap-Around Victorian Porch Pens (Out 3 times a day--In House at Night) o Nice Enclosures in Garage (Out 3 times a day) o Private Suites in House (Out 4 times a day) o Right in the house with us (Approved dogs only-Out 5 times a day) o House locations can use very nice large exercise yard. OUTSTANDING CARE & EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL RATES  Offering extremely loving - personal care for your beloved dogs.  Our facility is designed for the personal need of your pet  Choices-Outside under scenic oaks-Inside custom barn-Up at the house-on the porch or right inside the house.  Caring for all sizes & breeds of dogs - Spayed-Neutered or Not-Totally Cage Free.  Exercising each dog individually for their safety & health.  Dogs out for walks & time in a nice Exercise Yards.  Dogs are taken out regularly and never left unsupervised.  Providing large safe enclosures, automatic waterers.  Facility kept clean and comfortable for your pet  We continue to make improvements and nicer for every pet.  Dogs that like to swim can go in the pool.  We give your pet individual care rubs- treats - just talking to them.  Great centrally located facility - simple perfection of scenic serenity.  In the beautiful Santa Rosa Plateau only miles from the ocean-wonderful coastal weather.  It is our business to do it right for you and your pets.  Full time Dog Trainer - works with us right on the grounds.  Caretakers, my son & I live on the grounds-24 hours a day of care.  Wonderful Veterinarian only minute's away-makes house calls-also makes routine checks of our ranch--keeping us safe.  We can email pictures & videos of your dogs while you're away.  We make sure every dog in current on all vaccinations.  We offer keeping dogs up to date on shots & deworming programs.  We offer baths and a great brushing for your dogs.  Everything you could want for your beloved pet. A DAY AT THE RANCH: Every dog starts their day with romp in the exercise yard or nice walk & good rub, their private run is given a good cleaning-bed fluffed- fed breakfast another good rub & treat. Midday they are given a good rub & talked to with a treat - out in the exercise yards with balls & toys, on nice sunny days dogs can go in the pool for a nice dip-back to their run & another treat. Before dark they are taken out again for another romp - a good rub, their run cleaned again-bed fluffed for the night-fed dinner & treat. If you bring bones or treats they would be given now. WHAT KIND OF DOGS DOES THE RANCH ACCEPT? Big one-little one-happy ones-lonely ones-cute ones-fat ones-young ones-old ones. Prepared for them all. Choice of loving care areas, each designed for dogs. We accept all breeds, both sexes, altered or not. We treat each one on an individual basis, finding best way to make your dog feel special. We have had many dogs that were sad to be away from their families, we work hard to make them happy & keep them busy. We do not want to them alone, so we keep them busy, exercise is good for their mental & physical state. Giving them a good appetite & keeps the bodily functions running smoothly. OUR RANCH VETERINARIAN "Dr. Bob", Robert Hildreth, DVM, La Cresta Veterinary Services, makes house calls with his big smile & hearty laugh, passionately loves his job. Mobile services include internal medicine, dentistry, dermatology, vaccinations, surgery, x-rays, & blood tests. A big advantage to being a mobile doctor is treating in home for comfort of pets & owner. He has earned an impeccable reputation for his 'outside the norm' care & treatment of pets. Practicing for over 17 years. (951) 696-9501. OUR RANCH WORKS WITH A WONDERFUL TRAINER Kenneth Morris -- All Breed K9 Camp (951) 297-7668 Over 15 years training all breeds of dogs, all sizes large and small, from tough aggressive dog to the dogs that need their confidence built up, From puppies to older adults, dogs for autism, service dogs. Dogs from all walks of life. 4 week - 6 week - 8 week programs with a lifetime guarantee. Your dog will be better for you & for itself; it will be given a job & understanding of what you want. . . Truly Incredible. Murrieta, Temecula, Riverside, Hemet, Palm Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Chino, Redlands, Moreno Valley, Ramona, San Fernando Valley, West LA, East LA, Gateway Cities, Long Beach, Inland Empire, San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Dana Point, Oceanside, New Port, De Luz, Fallbrook, Santa Ana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, El Cajon, Escondido, Vista, Mission Viejo, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Downey, Brea, Yorba Linda, Brea, Covina, Carlsbad,

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