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Rebecca Rainer.
Mother of 6, Artist, and Breeder of Newfoundlands, a fantastic family companion.

Our mountain home sports a lovely creek and pond as well as.deer, elk, moose, bears, cougar, wolf and mountain lions. The Newfoundland is a perfect fit for us and we have been so blessed by them we want to offer the opportunity to own such an excellent pet to others needing a flexible dog with a heart to serve, deep warning bark to ward off predators, and personality congenial to both indoor and outdoor life as well as to one person or an entire family.

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Dominions Creekside Newfoundlands' Breeding

We strive to produce a Newfound pup with a gentle spirit, willing to please, and ready to exercise with you at any given time or merely lay at your feet. We begin clicker training at 4 weeks of age to familiarize them with the sound to come. Our facility is located on undulating terrain which helps the pups develop strong ligaments and tendons noted in studies of large breeds to aid in the prevention of hip and elbow dysplasia. The pups are educated by home school family members who adore the opportunity to interact with them. Socialization and manners are key environmental factors to our program. OFA certification, a good diet and regular exercise are key to producing the healthy, happy dogs we wish to offer you.

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