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Hello I'm Heaven ,
I love animals and have been around them when I was born , my mother was a breeder of mixes and so I have been around many different breeds of dogs , my aunt was a rescue and a groomer and i have helped her out in summer when i was a teen , i started breeding back in 2004 and then started to groom my own standard poodles then , worked for petco in plover and hair of the dog in waupaca and for my self I own mountain top grooming , I have a litter ever once in awhile I try to stick with the terriers but I do have a female great dane and my daughter has the stud so we have a litter every once a while.

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Mountain Top Terriers' Breeding

I do breed the Yorkshire Terriers , the Bedlington Terriers and once in a while we have Great Danes and Siamese Kittens. call only no walk ins when it comes to our pups its always outside meeting somewhere as we have to protect the pups we have many people will be puppy seeking and looking everywhere and in that we don't want any kinda germs brought on site we take pride in keeping our dogs safe and only take them out once they have been vaccinated for over 24hrs. thank you for your understanding once we have the deposit we can send pictures on request in a timely manner, We do not give refunds and feel like if you pay for one of our pups you have already talked it over with everyone involved and know that you have the time and space and will care for and give you love and have the means to care for the dog annually and if you should ever need to find a home that you promise the dog will come back to me first and if I can't take back you will not give the dog away and will try every option before bring to a non kill shelter if they are all full you will get back to me and we will come up with a plan as I'm not going to walk away from litters all in all what I am trying to say is [please make sure you have talked to everyone and know what you are getting yourself into before taking on a dog cat or puppy kitten , I have taken back my pups as a surrender and found new homes for them again but rarely have I had to do this .

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Mountain Top Terriers' Grooming

I have my own home based business I am a Groomer all hands on training . If you have a dirty dog who needs me please by all means come on over and I will bath, do nails , ear cleaning , teeth cleaning, brush out and blow dry. As I am working alone my dogs are here and do bark alot and are all secured in an area while other dogs are around , also I take longer then most groomers as I take my time and alot of times I hand scissor the dogs coat . (only flea free dogs please and non aggressive , I have other dogs and kids and cats on site and would prefer you know your dog before trying out my services as I need to keep my babies safe. I am on a call to make an appointment only not a walk in .

Availability: Any Day of the Week



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