Rampants Ca De Bou

Stevensville, ON

Stephanie Arsenault is Owner/Breeder of Rampants Ca De Bou. Her passion for dogs has led her to create Canada's Only Ca De Bou Breeder, and she strives to educate people throughout the industry on this incredible breed. She is a Personal Protection Handler for her dogs and is currently training to become a certified dog trainer.

Services Offered by Rampants Ca De Bou

Rampants Ca De Bou's Breeding

Rampants Ca De Bou is Canada's Only Ca De Bou Breeders. We like to keep the integrity of the breed 100% with our Purebred Champion Lineage. Due to the rareness of this breed, we have been doing our part by educating and integrating this breed into homes across North America. These dogs are incredibly smart and determined, therefore we keep them busy with Personal Protection Training, Obedience, and also allowing them to be dogs and enjoy the 4.2 Acres we raise them on.

More Information: rampantscadebou.com

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