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Tallory Mountian WV Bluetick's is starting a NEW breeding programe to the Bluetick hunter in WV. I am just putting a word out there to all the hunters to see what you our all looking for. I will be breeding for based on several quailty characteristics such as; instinctual cold nose, loud ball mouth, accurate locators on treed game, tuff footed, huge heart with classic hound looks and excellent temperment.I will be breeding this particular bloodline and produce pups with equal or better ability.

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Tallory Mountian WV Bluetick's' Breeding

I'm looking to bring in Cameron Bluetick pups breeding stock and Smokey River, Rambo II, Hammer, Vaughn, Let me know what you think and what WV wants!My hounds will be like those we had 50 years ago. They look like hounds, they sound like hounds and they hunt like hounds. They will be extremely cold-nosed, loud-voiced and don't straddle a track. They are not bred to get degrees or ribbons but to put game in trees.By the time I'm ready to give the people of WV want they want ... be READY!!Please send me all the feed back you can send me. Good hunting my friends! Tallory Mountian WV Bluetick's

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